Great Free Simple Resume Examples

Here are some resume examples of how job-seekers should list their information when going for various types of jobs.

College Graduate – Any recent grad is going to want to show off their education in their resume. So, it will start with your contact information and then go straight into your education. Make sure to keep this short, as you don’t want to include every single class you’ve ever gone to.

After this, add in related experience you had, even if it was being a temp or teacher’s aide. To finish this off, add in any other applicable experience and you will be done!

Human Resources – Work experience is important when it comes to a human resources job. So, you should lead in with information about your related work experience. Make sure to include the job title, years you worked there and what your main responsibilities were.

After this, add in some information about your education and then finish with additional
information or skills that the employer should know about.

Retail Worker – Experience is important for anyone who wants a retail position. So, make sure to start with listing your job experience. Include anything that shows you have experience with customers, even if it was just on the phone. Then, list your education information as well as any other skills you have that are necessary for the job.

This list of topics is a good starting point if you want more information about this subject:

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