Cover letter mistakes – are they a dealbreaker?

You probably found this article because you’re looking for information about resumes. Fortunately this article has a lot of different pieces of information that can help all types of professionals. Use it to help you with your resume and you will find that a lot more opportunities open up!

“While attending a good friend’s bridal shower yesterday, the talk at our table turned to the job search. There were two people with recruiting experience at the table, ready to weigh in. The bridesmaid to my right started to tell a pretty funny story about a big cover slip up. It sounded very familiar… and we all have probably made similar cover letter mistakes”…Cover letter mistakes – are they a dealbreaker?

I trust this valuable information about resumes gave you some guidance that you can use in the future. If you want to learn even more, then check out the related links below. This site has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to learn about resumes.

This is my collection of resources related to resume cover letters


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