The Digital CV – Innovative or Just a Gimmick?

A lot of people have questions about their resume that they never get answered. Instead of guessing or finding random advice, read this article that can offer you expert guidance. It has a lot of important facts and findings that can help you create an amazing resume.

“Recently the CV has undergone yet another transformation to bring it up to date with our digitally driven 21st Century. The online CV is increasingly becoming an expectation for various job roles. Whilst there are benefits to using the internet to showcase ones abilities, there are also negative aspects. I wrote a blog discussing both, which you can read here. Is this change just another CV fad, like coloured paper and clip art, which will inevitably go out of fashion? Or is it in irreversible step forward in the evolution of the job application?”…The Digital CV – Innovative or Just a Gimmick?

I trust this valuable information about resumes gave you some guidance that you can use in the future. If you want to learn even more, then check out the related links below. This site has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to learn about resumes.

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