My name is Gloria Opel and while I do run this blog, I’m also a full-time manager for a retail store. When I was just 17 I started working retail and decided right away that it was something I enjoyed. I was great with people and soon enough started learning more about how the retail business really worked. During my time working I got my education and now at 45 I’m a manager.

I interview a lot of job-seekers throughout the year, and there are tons of different people I meet. Unfortunately, a lot of these people have no idea how to write a resume or how to interview. After a while, I realized that I wanted to help people so that they could avoid not being able to get a job. This blog is where I come to write tips that will help people when they start looking for a new job.

I know everyone in the world won’t see my blog, but I’m hoping it will still help anyone who sees it. I want people to learn more so they can find great jobs and quit being so nervous when they go for interviews! Hey, a little bit of education can go a long way with job searches.


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